58th Regiment Of Foot at the Siege of Gibraltar 1782

Benjamin Ballard. Born 1737 worn out. age 45

Cap. James Ballard. Born 1751 wounded. age 31

Sergeant. Wm Ballard. Born 1752 wounded. lost a leg. age 30

Drummer. John Ballard. Born 1771 at Gibraltar. dead. age 11

Drummer. Wm Ballard. Born 1772 at Gibraltar. wounded. age 10

To General Elliot,

“I am honoured with his Majesty’s commands to assure you, in the strongest terms that no encouragement shall be wanting to the brave officers under your command.

His royal approbation of the past will no doubt be a powerful incentive to future exertions; and I have the Kings authority to assure you, that every distinguished act of emulation and gallantry, which shall be performed in the course of the siege by any, even of the lowest rank, will meet with ample reward from his gracious protection and favour.

These, his Majesty’s intentions, you will communicate in the most public manner, to every part of your garrison, that they may be perfectly satisfied that their Royal Master feels for the difficulties they are under, admires their glorious resistance, and will be happy to reward their merit”.

Earl of Sherborne The Principle Secretary of State. St James, 10th July 1782

And to the many others not forgotten by all.

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