Genetic Health

Genetic Health

I have been analysing Autosomal (Family Finder) test results, regards genetic mutations, to establish inherited family health traits & disease risk, so far by examination it is clear, our Ballard family and its progeny may have in common, heredity gene mutations that predispose Ballard’s to certain health issues and disease related to their particular individual family mutations.

By being made aware of these conditions, it is possible to avoid negative outcomes and make marked improvements through, lifestyle changes, and targeted nutritional input.

If you would like to participate in this ongoing private family study, in the first instance please, join the study by transfer of existing DNA tests and upgrading

Or taking an Autosomal “Family Finder” test, with the “wellbeing” element, at

Note: this is not a, y DNA (male line) test. For BIGY 700 testing, please visit our Family Tree DNA project page at

We are also collecting death certificate data to find correlations to those conditions related to outcomes, copies of certificates would save great expense if you have any you could donate. In time we hope to have compiled a useful data set that will empower current and future generations with the choice of good health and a more productive lifestyle.

contact me direct using the contact form.

In time this study will build a tree of reoccurring mutations (conditions) that will be made available to contributing participants, while maintaining complete privacy outside of our study group.

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