Gregory Ballard, Chief Butler of England (1396–1399)


Three BIGY700 BALLARD samples have recently been identified as being under the SNP, R1b-P312 > R-FGC36918 this SNP dating to around 1000 ybp.

names included under this SNP; BALLARD, RANDOLF, HOWARTH, EATON, MOBRAY.

In early documents, what are described as, Anglo Norman BALLARD’s, the Name Randolph Ballard features, this could correlate for the samples tested with the surname Randolph (fils “son of”) and the name being handed down earlier on.

The surname HOWARTH could be a variant of HOWARD, descended form the Earls of Arundel.

On quick inspection, early, EATON families appear to be in proximity to BALLARD allied family names including HUSSEY and FITZALAN.

The FitzAlans and Eatons in

The County Palatine of Cheshire, England

By Alan Garner, Eaton Hall, Blackden, Cheshire

The name MOWBRAY, descend from Nigel d’Aubigny / Albini – 1st Earl of Arundel – founder of the House of Mowbray. The ancient decent of this line going back into Norway “Normans”.

My conjecture is that the name BALLARD, in this line, developed and anglicised from the Norman family name (d’Aubigny) Bosc-le hard > Bosco de Rohardi > Boscroard > de Borard > Baltard and its other various cadences. A small  amount of internet research will soon show the connections.

In summary, This line needs a great deal of work to firm up the connection, but enough circumstancial evidence exists to investigate a relationships to the “Earls of Arundel” and the “Kent Ballard’s”.

If you able to find substantive pedigrees for this line and the owners are reluctant to take a DNA test to confirm due to cost constraints, you may be able to sway them if you offer to sponsor this single SNP test.

The terminal SNP for this BALLARD line currently stands at; R-FGC43146.

The terminal “Catch all”, SNP is approximately R-FGC36918 – linked below.


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