Project Sponsored Y DNA Testing

Project Sponsored Y DNA Testing

To date we have sponsored, 3x FTDNA “BIG Y DNA” tests for this project group, these were quite costly but we now have sufficient data and SNP terminal reference points to be able to target test, individual SNP’s taken from newcomers, establishing a genetic male line relationship within our unique genetic line.

Single SNP testing can establish a confirmed Y genetic relationship, if of course there is one,  this in turn can further direct us to study, in depth, new testers genealogies in hope of establishing connections further back, bypassing lines that may have hit a brick wall in research terms, these single SNP tests are relatively inexpensive and require the testing and confirmation of just one individual gene position.

I will consider financing sponsored tests based upon individual merit and a calculated possibility of a match being based on individual Ballard ancestors locations or other relevant evidences we may consider circumstantial after we have traced (in full or part) a viable genealogy, we may have already done that work !

If you are interested to know more or to participate please make contact……

To help our project you may consider making a donation or financing your own test to keep our costs to a minimum, whatever the case we would be pleased to hear from you.

YSEQ – affordable individual SNP testing

Those Ballard Families of particular Interest for;

SNP Testing – Bristol, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Monmouth, Herefordshire, Devon, Wiltshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Yorkshire, Cork, Dublin, Ireland, Netherlands. Others….

Ballard DNA Project


SNP =  Single Nucleoid Polymorphism. (Gene).

BIG Y 700 =Full Y male line testing carried out by FTDNA.

FTDNA = Family Tree DNA (Genetic Genealogy Testing Company).

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